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Oh Great, Now Those Designer Drugs Kicked In

yikes wtf golf mindwarp gifs - 8488698112
Created by anselmbe

Right in The Nuggets

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Created by Unknown

That's What I Call Trust

golf gifs trick shot amazing funny - 7603863808
Created by Unknown

Old Man Drops Big Dude For Smoking

drops FAIL gifs golf ouch smoking sports - 6194924800
Created by _C_A_T_

Just Another Day on the Job

wtf jobs golf gifs astronauts space win - 7350444288
Created by ani.s4

An Impressive Golf Put

doors golf gifs swing win - 7047950080
Created by Unknown

Iguana Tries to Eat Golfball

golf gifs critters - 8102546432
Created by Unknown

Driving Hole-In-One

golf gifs tricks win - 8089564416
Created by ToolBee

The World's Longest Golf Club in Action

golf gifs mindwarp sports - 8315670272
Via Gizmodo

See You At The 19th Hole

want golf gifs funny win - 7652292096
Created by beernbiccies

Hole in One

buns FAIL gifs golf wtf - 5474919680
Created by muviedro

The 19th Hole is a Doozy

wtf golf FAIL mindwarp gifs gas - 8517858560
Created by Unknown

A Little Too Much Power

golf FAIL gifs swing power - 6991796224
Created by Unknown

Trust Shot

golf gifs slow motion yikes - 7952591872
Created by Iron-man01

Fox Tries Out For a Part in Caddyshack 3

foxes golf gifs caddyshack best movie - 7831861504
Created by Unknown

This I Call TRUST!

close call gifs golf mouth sports trick shot trust yikes - 5802550784
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )
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