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Sometimes You Just Gotta Ride The a Whale Shark

gifs critters funny - 7582988032
By Unknown

The Queen Sums Up My Attitude

queen elizabeth gifs flipping the bird funny - 7785961216
By TehCoffee

Baby Cat & Skunks

skunks cute Cats funny animals - 7766290944

Firework Factory Explosion

explosions gifs fireworks fourth of july funny - 7611038976
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Dog And Elephant Buddies

dogs gifs critters elephants funny - 7806713088
By Unknown
Cat gifs about that thursday feeling

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Obi Wan Enjoying a Cruise

obi-wan kenobi star wars gifs funny - 7562382080
By noodleninja51

That Moment When You Get Asked a Question You Should Know The Answer To But Don't

raven gifs funny - 7873458944

One Angry Bat

animals bat funny wtf - 8077325824
By anselmbe

Duck Walks on Water

gifs water run ducks critters funny - 7443209472
By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

What a Loop

awesome bad idea funny loop - 8079633664
By Unknown

Those Poor Giraffes

animals sexy times funny giraffes wtf - 7962232832
By Unknown

Barely Made It

bad idea jump funny swimming pool - 8079631872
By Unknown


gifs drills watermelons funny - 7786508032
By ToolBee
eleven gifs to cure your boredom

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Milk is Hard

gifs milk kitties Cats funny - 7874790144
By Iron-man01