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Cat Resting With Three Chicks

gifs chickens Cats funny - 7816206848
By anselmbe

Goodbye Friend

GIF of OJ Simpson in a wheel chair going down the stairs and flying onto the field in Naked Gun movies
By ToolBee

Eff It, Its Friday

Via Bing

Drifting Up a Parking Ramp

drifting gifs cars funny win - 7819972608
By Unknown

Dog Doesn't Know What's Going On

gifs critters funny - 7607694336
By Unknown

Scuse Me I'm Just Trying to Enjoy This Cracker

cute critters gifs funny mouse frankie original - 7913429760
By Unknown
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This Yawn is Contagious

yawning gifs critters funny - 7723239168
By Unknown

This Wasn't Thought Out Well At All

bbq bikes FAIL gifs jump funny ouch - 7918161152
By ToolBee

Mudskipper Blinking

mudskippers gifs critters blinking funny - 7790670336
By Unknown

That's a Long Time to Grind

GIF of a rollerblader in a city jumping up and grinding some rails for a prolonged few seconds.
By ToolBee

Hamster Powered Submarine

gifs submarine critters hamsters funny - 7671200000
Via Youtube

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

gifs pancakes Cats funny - 7818203904
By ToolBee

The Magic Milk

gifs coffee funny - 7659949312
By ToolBee

Not All Birds Can Fly

FAIL birds gifs funny fall - 7734388480
Via Nao Mao

Dogs Enjoying Car Windows

gifs windows cars funny - 7435376640
By Unknown
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