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The Grace of a Lion

lions FAIL gifs critters waterfall fall - 8559531008
By Unknown

Bye Bye Kitten

kitten gifs Cats fall - 8202498816
By Unknown

The Agony of Failure

FAIL fall gifs nuts ouch - 6534786048
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

Fun For Fall

dancing FAIL fall fun gifs ouch puns - 5802110208
By Unknown

Pastor Falls During Church Karaoke

church FAIL fall gifs - 6558209792

Banister Uses Harden

FAIL fall gifs kick ouch stairs - 6346958336
By _C_A_T_

The Fallen Lords

class fall gifs headshot ouch Pranks for the Memories sleeping - 5244783616
By Unknown

Dramatic Entrance Dog

dogs FAIL gifs cute fall - 8481611008
By Unknown

A Graceful Creature

FAIL gifs couch fall - 7414459904
By Unknown

Little Boys Are The Worst Humans

Via AkioUK


fall gifs Mortal Kombat ouch Punnish slip - 4679451136
By Unknown

Never Leave Your Webcam on When You're Drunk

drinking drunk FAIL fall gifs - 5811572736
By fnx

That's a Sign You Shouldn't Pursue

FAIL fall gifs ouch - 8158332160
By anselmbe (Via 4Gifs)

Hang Glider Doesn't Take Off

FAIL gifs hang glider fall - 8235275264
By Unknown

Not Sure if The Hand Rails Help Or Make This Whole Scenario Worse

fall gifs stairs ouch rails - 8436697344
By beernbiccies

Woman Falls Texting On Live News

FAIL fall gifs news texting when you see it - 5848119552
By _C_A_T_ (Via
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