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Superman On His Day Off

FAIL fall gifs sandals superman - 6533927168
Created by 19Zoey88


FAIL fall gifs its always sunny in philadelphia Movies and TV ouch - 4031890432
Created by Unknown

Short Riot

gifs riots fall - 7938409984
Created by ToolBee

Jumping is Tough

ouch FAIL gifs funny fall - 7490805504
Created by Unknown

Oh Look, a Penny

FAIL gifs sledgehammers fall - 8414178560
Created by anselmbe

Balancing Boss

ball boss FAIL fall gifs nut shot - 5742091520

A Stabilized Version of This Classic GIF

Via Bing

This is a Party I Want to Be At

dancing FAIL gifs midget Party babes fall - 6815654656
Created by Unknown

Well, At Least He Caught the Ball

gifs kids drop parenting fall - 8193058560
Created by Unknown

Woman Loses Control at a Wedding

FAIL fall gifs weddings - 7950379008
Created by Unknown

I Forgoat How to Slide

fall gifs goats slides - 8082851328

Classic: Bikini Babe Fall

FAIL gifs bikinis funny fall - 7562209280
Created by Unknown

Holy Crap

FAIL fall gifs holes - 8335946240
Created by jyonasan1957

Serves Him Right!

FAIL gifs horse fall - 6897720832
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Youtube )

Elephant Has a Slip

gif - Elephant -
Created by Unknown

How Did This Seem Like a Good Idea?

FAIL gifs treadmill stilts fall - 8294167040
Via Senor Gif