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drinking escalator FAIL fall gifs hes-ok ouch - 4918238464
By Unknown

Circle of Life

critters dogs drinking gifs Sundog wtf - 6304611072
By Unknown

Drinking in the Kitchen was Safe, They Said

drinking FAIL fall gifs kitchen - 5312064000
By Unknown

Bringing It In

dancing drinking gifs - 7096023296
By sebenty

I Thought I Ordered a Hot Toddy, Hermana

alcohol awesome drinking fire flames gifs mindwarp puns - 5308419840
By Unknown

Toucan Takes a Drink

drinking water critters toucans - 7994756096
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

When People Start Getting Really Mean About Political Stuff That You Couldn't Care Less About

drinking gifs reaction - 8298906880
By tamaleknight

1 Beer in 1 Second

beer drinking gifs win - 5351149056

What Not to do When Drunk Around a Cop

anger cops drinking drunk gifs rage St Patrick's Day - 6004733184
By Unknown

Some People Just Can't Hold Their Liquor

barack obama beer celeb drinking FAIL gifs wtf - 5355602432
By Quantaur

Similar to Drunken Friday Nights' Falls Down The Stairs

drinking mindwarp gifs mc escher fall - 8295904512
Via B3TA

Thirsty Cat Is Thirsty

Cute gif of a cat that is drinking alot of water on the floor of the shelter.
By Snake73 (Via gifs)


awesome camel critters drinking gifs soda - 4579726848
By Unknown

Tired Panda Drinking

drinking panda gifs critters - 8504420864
By Unknown

Me Too, Friend

drinking FAIL gifs ouch - 5541379072
By Unknown

Godzilla Just Drank Too Much Vodka Gatorade

drinking gifs godzilla fire monster - 8299365632
By jyonasan1957
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