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If You Are Drunk And Don't Know How to Fight, Don't Fight

FAILS drinking gifs fights funny - 7628760576
By Unknown

He Takes After Me

drinking good strategy gifs lazy kangaroo running - 7016740864
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Little Sloth Enjoys Drinking

critters drinking gifs sloths - 8224662528
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awesome beer drinking gifs nerds win - 4084915712
By FrankieDudeUltimate


drinking FAIL fire gifs lighter ouch singing - 4766423552
By Zaar150

Hey Man, You Just Got Trashed

drinking FAIL gifs puns - 8152403712
By Unknown

It Figures That The First Animation Ever Would Involve Drinking and Elephants

drinking gifs old times animation elephants - 6760898560
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An X-ray Drinking

awesome drinking gifs mindwarp science x ray - 6165337600
By Unknown

It's The Freaking Weekend I'm Gonna Have Me Some Fun

drinking gifs Party - 8143366912
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Orangutan Prefers to Drink From a Water Bottle

drinking gifs water bottle orangutans funny - 7777143296
By Unknown

A Nice Paw-t of Coffee

paws drinking cups gifs Cats - 8393884416
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Some People Just Can't Hold Their Liquor

barack obama beer celeb drinking FAIL gifs wtf - 5355602432
By Quantaur


astronauts drinking FRIDAY gifs historiclol - 5416406784
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Zombie Best Friend

animation awesome drinking gifs zombie - 5223204352
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Drunken Bulldozer

drinking FAIL gifs whoops - 6563151872
By _C_A_T_

Getting Drunk And Comfy

comfy drinking drunk FAIL gifs lol sleeping wtf - 6138426880
By Unknown