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close call

Tanks For Stopping

yikes tanks gifs puns close call - 8026549248
By Unknown

Close Call

cars close call crash FAIL gifs - 6149382656
By Unknown

Precision Piloting

close call gifs mindwarp planes - 8236288000
By cataff (Via Youtube)

Keep On Trucking

close call gifs truck win - 5734438144
By Unknown

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

yikes gifs close call trains funny - 7835178752
By Unknown

Amazing Recovery

gifs cars close call driving funny win - 7453535232
By ToolBee

Close Fly By

yikes airplane close call gifs - 6684516864
By Unknown

Low Flyover

gifs close call amazing jets funny - 7684649472
By ani.s4

Close Call, Kid

almost a FAIL close call FAIL gifs kids traffic yikes - 5587320576
By Unknown


close call extreme gifs jeep puns win - 4776859136
By melolonta

What a Lucky Guy

cars close call FAIL gifs funny yikes frankie original - 7925963008
By Unknown

Driving in Chechnya

close call crash driving FAIL gifs whoa wtf yikes - 5742087936
By Unknown

Cop Saves The Day

cops gifs close call trains restoring faith in humanity week - 7401331968
By Unknown

Fun Times With an Alligator

aligator close call critters gifs yikes - 6240848128
By Unknown

Grandpas Not Taking His Meds Anymore

close call gifs Grandpa plane win - 6532697856
By Unknown

Crab Takes a Cue From Indiana Jones

yikes Indiana Jones gifs wheels crabs close call - 7414818816
Via GIF Drome
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