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close call

Crab Takes a Cue From Indiana Jones

yikes Indiana Jones gifs wheels crabs close call - 7414818816
Via GIF Drome

Yikes! Why Would You Do That?

close call FAIL gifs jump rescue train yikes - 5949547008
Created by Unknown

How Could You NOT See Me?!

yikes FAIL gifs cars close call - 8305936896
Created by ToolBee ( Via Geenstijl )

How a Drag Racer Stops With No Chute

cars close call gifs parachutes yikes - 8334492160
Created by f4-wulfhoud

This Could Have Ended Badly

cars close call flipping gifs jumping win - 5174318848
Created by Unknown

He Saved Her

yikes FAIL gifs close call bikes - 8364572672


car crash close call gifs science yikes - 4558576640

That Was a Close Call

cars close call FAIL gifs Pedestrian - 6144048128
Created by TSGIGOR

Missile Defense

close call computers gifs missiles science yikes - 5327991808
Via Youtube

Oh You're Driving a Dodge Bronco And Don't Expect Me to Start Something?

yikes gifs attack bad jokes close call buffalo - 7237491456
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Youtube )

Close Fly By

yikes airplane close call gifs - 6684516864
Created by Unknown

Close Call, Sheeple

close call critters gifs sheep - 8231812864
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

yikes gifs close call trains funny - 7835178752
Created by Unknown

That Was a Close One

close call gifs planes - 7990551808
Created by Unknown

He Looks Like a Jerk, but He's the Hero of the Day

gifs cars close call bike - 8349083136
Via JM2845

Guide Dog Saves a Couple People From Serious Injury

dogs gifs close call save funny win - 7568819968
Created by Unknown
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