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close call

Lucky Escape From Lightning Blast

close call escape gifs lightning mindwarp - 6554447360
By _C_A_T_ (Via Break)

A Reminder to Never Celebrate Too Soon

FAIL gifs close call running - 8478271488
By Unknown

Narrow Racetrack Crossing Escape

close call FAIL gifs kid motorcycle yikes - 6616482304
By ToolBee

Almost Went Bad

awesome close call flight gifs win - 5225980416

Lightning Hits a Moving Truck

yikes gifs close call lightning - 8218065152
By Unknown

Photographer Narrowly Escapes Crocodile Attack

yikes gifs crocodiles attack close call - 7162849792
By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

Cop Saves The Day

cops gifs close call trains restoring faith in humanity week - 7401331968
By Unknown

What The Heck Are You Shooting At?

close call guns gifs shooting yikes - 8491959552
By Unknown

Lucky Ball-Fans

foul sports gifs baseball close call - 8262006272
By ToolBee

Window Getting Shot By A Sniper

close call gifs rage real life sniper window yikes - 5906920448
By _C_A_T_ (Via


bike close call gifs win - 4942413568
By Unknown

Tanks For Stopping

yikes tanks gifs puns close call - 8026549248
By Unknown

Raft Crossing

gifs close call pools Cats - 7974324736
Via Lawbloca,

How Many Times Will You Watch It?

close call gifs water balloons slow motion - 7953635584
By Iron-man01

How NOT to Shoot an RPG

yikes RPG FAIL gifs close call - 6721658624
By _C_A_T_


close call europe flying gifs win wind woah - 4605314816
By Unknown