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Charmander Likes to Dance for the Ladies

gifs anime - 7130546944
By Unknown

Don't Make Terrakion Use Sacred Sword

Pokémon gifs anime - 7346706944
By Unknown

She Has Huge Tracts of Land!

gifs anime true story - 6808237056
By meganeguard (Via Beware of Mpreg)

Ominous Ice Cream

panda gifs polar bear anime penguins - 8298713856
Via Senor Gif

Just a Normal Day in Neon Genesis Evangelion

animation anime explosion gifs wtf - 6328971264
Via Mira Kurun

So Tragic

gifs anime buns funny - 6802259712
By meganeguard (Via Beware of Mpreg)

Just Cause He's Cute Doesn't Mean He Isn't Annoying

gifs singing anime panda funny - 6555493632
By ToolBee

It's a Popular Move

Akira animation anime gifs motorcycle ninja turtles - 6576569856
By Unknown

Go Back Plz

animation anime cool gifs Like a Boss zombie - 5307357440

Anime's Realism Knows No Bounds

realism mindwarp gifs anime logic - 8298714112
Via Bing


amazing anime cellphones gifs hello humpday - 4594497024
By _C_A_T_

Anime is a True Art Form

ouch gifs Nut Shots anime - 8283952128
By Unknown

Jaw Dropping

animation anime gifs mammaries Memes - 6374342912
By meganeguard (Via Beware of MPREG)


accident animation anime box FAIL gifs mammaries - 6569353472
By meganeguard

If Star Wars Was a 1980's Anime Series

cool star wars gifs anime - 8470662912
By Unknown

On Second Thought...

animation anime gifs lol nervous snakes - 5865586176
By kwedeth