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So Tragic

gifs anime buns funny - 6802259712
By meganeguard (Via Beware of Mpreg)

How to Sleep With a Cat

anime Cats Caturday gifs sad but true - 6217217792
Via Okej


animation anime fight girl snowball - 3522704384
By Unknown

Did Chuck say you could leave?

anime celeb chuck norris kick throw - 3632884224
By Unknown

Tight Squeeze

animation anime butt gifs squeeze wut - 4979459840
By deathwish01b

Kicking a Plane Down

gifs anime awesome BAMF kick animation - 6659985408
Via Beware of Mpreg

On Second Thought...

animation anime gifs lol nervous snakes - 5865586176
By kwedeth

If Star Wars Was a 1980's Anime Series

cool star wars gifs anime - 8470662912
By Unknown
guy makes amazing cardboard weapons from old amazon boxes based on anime and video games

This Guy Makes Awesome Cardboard Weapons From Amazon Boxes (Ten GIFs)

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How To Get Someone's Attention

animation anime bazooka gameboy gifs - 6392434688
By meganeguard (Via Kurobon)

Maybe Just Keep Your Glasses On

animation anime beauty gifs glasses sad but true - 6493730560
By meganeguard (Via Beware of MPREG)

Recover Naturally

animation anime gifs pee water wtf - 5211311616
By Unknown

Back Off!

animation anime gifs ouch smashing - 6458204160
By meganeguard (Via 0ddj0bs)

The Internet: Where Grown Men can Pretend to Be Purple Ponies

animation anime gifs questions - 6373482752
By meganeguard (Via Piggy Backs)


animation anime gifs mammaries - 5776917760
By lol_saint

The Feeling of Getting Nuts Kicked Perfectly Animated

anime gifs mindwarp nutshot wtf - 8242368256
Via Bing