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Astrophysics Rage

high school college truancy story - 7430351360
Created by Unknown

He's Not Even Taking Notes With It

are you kidding me me gusta Rage Comics truancy story - 5818773248
Created by Unknown

Troll Flash

homework school poker face camera math truancy story - 5505006848
Created by Unknown

Woke Up Late This Morning

homework Rage Comics raisin rage truancy story - 5864815360
Created by cat1860

That Problem Has Been Squared Away

metal seriously truancy story - 6667089664
Created by snapshot5

Teacher, Y U Play Mind Games?!

Rage Comics raisin rage test truancy story - 6480219648
Created by Unknown

My Slightly Psychic Homework

doctor who Okay homework truancy story spiderpman - 6684727040
Created by KRavaskachi

Lecturers: Destroying Futures Before Skynet

all that racket fu guy Rage Comics truancy story - 6418488320
Created by Seymour_cake

Let's Skip to the Important Part

homework school oh god why funny truancy story - 7535005696
Created by Unknown

Moral of the Story: Don't Pause Adult Entertainment for Anything

faptimes truancy story - 6557525248
Created by Unknown

All B Damned!

tests scantron quizzes multiple choice truancy story - 7170399744
Created by KingCobra295

I'll Get Right on That...

homework forever alone truancy story - 6566182656
Created by Unknown

For All I Know, It Could Start With an E

all that racket dictionary Rage Comics truancy story - 6184728320
Created by Unknown

I Spent an Hour on This!

Okay Rage Comics truancy story - 6235465216
Created by pianoderp

Never Get Distracted in Math Class

class school math class truancy story - 7262110976
Created by ilikenightmaremoon

Who Needs a Life When You've Got Swag?

school swag gollum truancy story - 7114004480
Created by Unknown