Rage Comics

truancy story

Short and Sassy

hair me gusta poker face Rage Comics truancy story - 5719456512
Created by guerillainthamist

Textbook Rage

homework textbook truancy story - 6574776064
Created by Unknown

Scary Classmates

classmates truancy story - 6565255680
Created by SleepingCobra

Get Some Antifungal Cream for That Burn!

sex ed sick burn teacher truancy story - 7562358272
Created by Unknown

We're Just Gonna Skip Around a Bit

homework Jackie Chan Rage Comics truancy story - 5808960512
Created by Unknown

No Way This Happened!

school grades sir Okay truancy story - 7865809920
Created by Unknown

He was the computer tech teacher, too

derp google truancy story - 6618625536
Created by Unknown

A Day in Biology

are you kidding me truancy story - 6569812736
Created by Unknown

Is That School Approved Reading Material?

fifty shades of grey poker face Rage Comics teacher truancy story - 6446473728
Created by katty2000

I'll Never Finish in Time!

Rage Comics table flip test truancy story - 6322425088
Created by Unknown

Should've Paid Attention... Oh Well!

school truancy story - 7387027712
Created by Unknown

Never Get Distracted in Math Class

class school math class truancy story - 7262110976
Created by ilikenightmaremoon

It's Good to Be King

class teacher truancy story - 6565805056
Created by Unknown

Not Fair

school teacher bad poker face truancy story - 7602647808
Created by Minetuber07

Rhyming With Derp

oh god why truancy story - 6186314496
Created by lizard3608

What is This "Sleep" You Speak Of?

school elementary school middle school sleep high school funny college truancy story - 7444027904
Via freakykid99
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