Rage Comics

troll dad

She Told Him to Get in the Van!

Rage Comics troll dad - 6373139968
Created by Unknown

Time to Steal From Your Dad

wtf troll dad jerk funny thief - 8474844672
Created by TheEvilMarmiteOverlord

Troll Dad on Genetics

diarrhea troll dad - 7574589184
Created by BestMarioBuds

No Accidents Since July

Babies troll dad fu guy - 6715692800

Eat Your Veggies!

Challenge Accepted parenting Rage Comics troll dad - 6349939968
Created by Unknown

Try It Again, You Were so Close

troll dad crying - 6866383360
Created by Unknown

Two Trolls Were Born This Day

aww yeah parenting Rage Comics troll dad - 6478164480
Created by Unknown

You Could Have Just Asked Me to Shower

clown Rage Comics smelly troll dad - 4867456000
Created by Unknown

He's a Keeper!

in laws kitchen Rage Comics troll dad women - 4892564224
Created by Unknown

That Ain't What I Meant!

are you kidding me troll dad - 7640514560
Created by Elite1O1

I Can't Take Forever, the Water's Cold!

Rage Comics shower troll dad wtf - 6001054720
Created by lolcactus

Dad Nooooooo!

cereal guy troll dad parenting - 7821747200
Created by Unknown

Sucky Vacuum

Rage Comics son troll dad ugh vacuum - 4774404608
Created by Unknown

Whoa, What a Revelation!

Rage Comics television troll dad wtf - 5118071296
Created by Unknown

The Broom of Death

me gusta troll dad - 7794406912
Created by diehard77

Yeah? Well I Got My Genes From You, Dad!

troll dad condoms - 6204406784
Created by skrewflanders
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