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To Bed Without Dinner

dinner fat Rage Comics troll dad true story - 6004294400
Created by Unknown

It Runs in the Family

Okay parenting Rage Comics troll dad - 6445930240
Created by Lordloss390

They Don't Let Me Google During My Spelling Test

google Rage Comics spelling troll dad - 5339729664
Created by Kateydoo76

Dad! I Can't Take Her. She's Embarassing!

concert Rage Comics troll dad - 5076566784
Created by Wazzapchy

Daaaaaad, Grossssssss!

Rage Comics that sounds naughty troll dad - 5244497920
Created by Unknown

Never Again Will I Play

parenting troll dad that sounds naughty oh god why - 6694037504
Created by tacosrepic

It'll Be Like a Picnic

outside Rage Comics troll dad - 5464765952
Created by Unknown

No Accidents Since July

Babies troll dad fu guy - 6715692800

Dad Repeats Statement!

school troll dad - 8305491200
Created by daniyaldude

She Told Him to Get in the Van!

Rage Comics troll dad - 6373139968
Created by Unknown

Time to Steal From Your Dad

wtf troll dad jerk funny thief - 8474844672
Created by TheEvilMarmiteOverlord

He Wants You to Freeze

cold Rage Comics shower troll dad water - 4896827392
Created by WhatTheFacebook

Not In a Million Years

troll dad ayfkm xbone xbox one - 6333308160
Created by Unknown

It's Complicated With Your Mom

facebook Rage Comics troll dad - 4846578688
Created by Unknown

It's Retro, Right?

ipod troll dad true story FUUUUU - 6809353728
Created by Unknown

Check for Holes Before You Wrap Your Pole

bad luck best of week condom fu guy Rage Comics troll dad - 5737414912
Created by Unknown