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Too Much Badassery for Me

class school tests teachers funny exams truancy story - 7510708736
By UlisesIkaikaKeetOrcinus26

Choose the OTHER Answer

school multiple choice rage tests - 7976709632
By ariel11563

Forgot the Answer

trollface school tests truancy story - 7593632256
By MrPopsicle43

All That Hard Work... Wasted...

studying school tests Okay funny exams truancy story - 7361919232
By Unknown

Ain't Nobody Got Time for Tests

table flip Challenge Accepted tests truancy story - 6715969536
By Unknown


exam rage tests - 8174393600
By Unknown

Trolling Teachers

teachers trollface tests - 7925145344
By Unknown

Pencil Shaving Rage

rage pencil sharpener tests - 8049512704
By Derp1231234

Exam Rage!

tests funny exams truancy story - 7428038144
By LolRae

They Miss Tests, I Miss Cake

cake sick day tests - 7417900544
By Unknown

Even Listening Tests Are Impossible

tests exams - 7765544960
By Unknown


grades FAIL fudge no school teacher tests - 8100335360
By KingKool720

But I Wanna Know!

homework school tests grades sir exams - 7889111808
By Unknown

I'll Get a D for Drama

Blood tests funny exams truancy story - 7534891264
By TheRoar

Who Studies Anyways?

studying school tests yao ming exams truancy story - 7027401728
By lol_p3nguins__1

Always Happens

poker face tests - 7954664448
By SandvichTony