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Who Studies Anyways?

studying school tests yao ming exams truancy story - 7027401728
By lol_p3nguins__1

School Has a Funny Way of Making Me Not Trust Myself

school tests exam math truancy story - 7309714432
By Unknown

Choose the OTHER Answer

school multiple choice rage tests - 7976709632
By ariel11563

AP Tests...

Rage Comics tests - 4702023936
By Unknown

You Are the Failing Queen

finals Rage Comics tests - 4888376320
By Unknown

When Trolls Predict the Future

are you kidding me school tests trolling poker face I see what you did there quizzes phoenix wright bad poker face objection trolls truancy story - 7802453760

That "Oh God" Moment

homework school tests exams truancy story - 7340173312
By Unknown

I Gave You My Opinion!

Y U NO tests - 7944392448
By Unknown

F for Forgetful

school tests determined gaming phoenix wright computer games video games objection exams truancy story - 6554505984
By Unknown

The Elusive 1%

studying school tests friends - 8464532480
By gravedigga63

But I Wanna Know!

homework school tests grades sir exams - 7889111808
By Unknown

The Problem With Multiple Choice Questions

Challenge Accepted tests multiple choice table flipping - 6549052672
By Unknown

Sometimes They Get You Like This

school please rage tests - 7980223488
By Unknown

All B Damned!

tests scantron quizzes multiple choice truancy story - 7170399744
By KingCobra295

Ain't Nobody Got Time for Tests

table flip Challenge Accepted tests truancy story - 6715969536
By Unknown


exam rage tests - 8174393600
By Unknown
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