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Let's get some shoes. Shoes are what separates us from a banana. That and a few genetic twists. Shoes have become a global sensation for young and old collectors alike. If you're all about that footwear and everything that has to do with it, fantastic. But not flip flops or sandals, get out of here with that nonsense.

Twitter, Y U No Wait for Me?

shoes twitter funny - 7495441920
By Unknown

Dammit, Derpina...

shoes emergency derpina - 7797573120
By Unknown

My Mom is My Best Friend

oh god why Rage Comics shoes - 6087109888
By rorycassidy

Rock Gnomes

rocks rage shoes trolling - 8427228160
By DissolveTheKitten

Greyish-Brown Is a Lovely Color

gross Party Rage Comics shoes - 5418428928
By Unknown

Squeaky Shoes

shoes lol - 6674242560
By Wesley

Like New!

clean grass Rage Comics shoes - 5234300160
By Unknown

Yeah Well, Mine Change Colors in the Sun!

cuteness overload haters gonna hate Rage Comics shoes watch out guys - 6083687424
By Unknown

Mother Launders Best

clean mom mother of god not bad Rage Comics shoes - 6091748096
By Unknown


shoes sand - 7553660416
By Unknown

The One Time We're Practical

shoes wtf girls derp - 6699949312
By acbrandt
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