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Ice ice baby. Whether it's cold or diamonds, we've got all the chilly and scintillating jokes and puns to warm your heart.

So Hard. So Cold.

coke drink fu guy ice Rage Comics - 5153518336
Created by Unknown

Just Wait Until I Get Some Ice Skates

cold ice Rage Comics winter - 5509801216
Created by Pinkius_Piecus

I Guess it Averages Out to an OK Amount?

water vending machine ice - 7102981888
Created by benmorris20

You Couldn't Sand the WHOLE Lot?

me gusta parking lots ice - 8026355200
Created by HewwoKitteh112

Ultimate Brain Freeze

drink fu guy ice Rage Comics - 6438566400
Created by Unknown

One Ice Cube, Two Ice Cube, ANTARCTICA

cold fu guy ice Rage Comics - 6455779840
Created by bssdude726

Skating Down the Street

ice me gusta Rage Comics sidewalk - 5888886016
Created by Unknown

On Thin Ice

crunch ice Rage Comics sweet jesus have mercy - 5504382720
Created by superkapteyn

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

neighbors snow cars shoveling ice winter - 8045951744
Created by death_by_rage

Ice Logic

slide ice santa Okay logic - 6887377152
Created by BronyViolinist

I Should Know Better By Now

avalanche drinks cups soda ice - 7160015872
Created by Unknown

15 Ounces of Ice, 1 Ounce of Coke

coke customers ice Rage Comics rude - 4921611776
Created by swimmingmunky

Rage-Inducing Slipperiness

rage slippery ice table flipping - 8037618432
Created by Unknown

Goodbye Cozy Socks

ice Rage Comics raisin rage winter - 5683896832
Created by Unknown

Ice Storm Road Accident Rage!

work ice winter texas everything went better than expected - 8452272896
Created by bushidomonk10

Ice Road Trucker

driving ice nothing to do here - 7918828288
Created by death_by_rage
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