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Ice ice baby. Whether it's cold or diamonds, we've got all the chilly and scintillating jokes and puns to warm your heart.

15 Ounces of Ice, 1 Ounce of Coke

coke customers ice Rage Comics rude - 4921611776
Created by swimmingmunky

Ice Logic

slide ice santa Okay logic - 6887377152
Created by BronyViolinist

So Hard. So Cold.

coke drink fu guy ice Rage Comics - 5153518336
Created by Unknown

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

neighbors snow cars shoveling ice winter - 8045951744
Created by death_by_rage

I Should Know Better By Now

avalanche drinks cups soda ice - 7160015872
Created by Unknown

One Ice Cube, Two Ice Cube, ANTARCTICA

cold fu guy ice Rage Comics - 6455779840
Created by bssdude726

Goodbye Cozy Socks

ice Rage Comics raisin rage winter - 5683896832
Created by Unknown

You Couldn't Sand the WHOLE Lot?

me gusta parking lots ice - 8026355200
Created by HewwoKitteh112

Ice Storm Road Accident Rage!

work ice winter texas everything went better than expected - 8452272896
Created by bushidomonk10

Just Wait Until I Get Some Ice Skates

cold ice Rage Comics winter - 5509801216
Created by Pinkius_Piecus

Rage-Inducing Slipperiness

rage slippery ice table flipping - 8037618432
Created by Unknown

On Thin Ice

crunch ice Rage Comics sweet jesus have mercy - 5504382720
Created by superkapteyn

I Guess it Averages Out to an OK Amount?

water vending machine ice - 7102981888
Created by benmorris20

Skating Down the Street

ice me gusta Rage Comics sidewalk - 5888886016
Created by Unknown

Ice Road Trucker

driving ice nothing to do here - 7918828288
Created by death_by_rage

Ultimate Brain Freeze

drink fu guy ice Rage Comics - 6438566400
Created by Unknown
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