Rage Comics


The Woes of Layered Hair

hair girls fu guy - 6718126336

Too Much Off the Top!

hair haircut what have you done expectation vs reality - 8151931136
By Unknown

I Love the Bubbles

hair Rage Comics relationships wash - 5261152512
By BookBaby22

Patchbeard the Pirate

beard hair Okay Rage Comics Sad - 5291356160
By daficko

At Least It Smells Nice

all that racket hair Rage Comics reaction - 5854615040
By Unknown

I'll Settle for Reddish

cost dye hair Rage Comics - 5327963904
By nyanjet


hair Like a Boss you dont say gingers - 7311398656
By Unknown

The Hair-or!

all the things hair none of the things Rage Comics - 6412694016
By Unknown

Maybe a Dead Rat

boyfriend hair i lied poker face Rage Comics - 5072537600
By Unknown

Drown the Beast!

dust hair Rage Comics scary spider - 4894145024
By Unknown

The Perfect Blonde!

blonde dye hair Rage Comics - 5103763968
By Unknown

Bleach Is to WHITEN

hair dye bleach my mind is full of herp derp true story - 6883382016
By Andrawesome

Eat It

car hair Rage Comics - 5293629952
By Unknown

Can't Tell if Butcher or Other Kind of Butcher

bacon hair Rage Comics raisin horror - 6402128896
By Unknown

Childhood Naivety

hair oh god why - 6511334656
By dominoes007

Hair Problems

hair barber - 8040437504
By Yourfavoritelolcat