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Magic Disney Hair is a LIE

hair disney expectation vs. reality The Little Mermaid - 8059160064
Created by anti-derp


hair poker face raisin face - 6728898560
Created by KotaroFuuma

Seriously Hair?

hair oh god why seriously - 6669841920
Created by TheFatUnicorn

I Have Long Hair Because I Hate Being Bald

facepalm hair haircut - 8099601152
Created by Oscaror


bald meta hair please - 8143877888
Created by Lord_Furgesaur

At Least It Smells Nice

all that racket hair Rage Comics reaction - 5854615040
Created by Unknown


hair beard aging - 8374673664
Created by MrMullet654

You Sure They're Not a Blonde?

hair nothing to do here racism Rage Comics seriously wtf - 6040525568
Created by Unknown

It's So Smooth and BUZZY!

hair haircut sweet jesus dat feel - 7734925056
Created by Unknown

Turning the Water Temperature Down Is Too Risky

hair me gusta Rage Comics showertimes - 5778507264
Created by Lydjuh

Like Father, Like Son

Grandpa hair Rage Comics troll dad - 6232971520
Created by Unknown

Next I'll Be a Punk Rocker

bath hair Rage Comics unicorn - 5244496640
Created by Unknown

Y U So Flaky?!

hair Rage Comics - 5220705536
Created by CrazyGuy207

I'm Also Really Handsome

hair haircut - 8352374016
Created by ArtProblems101

Curly Hair

hair - 7983677696
Created by LoueyP

What Was Wrong With Your Natural Color?!

dye hair Rage Comics woman logic - 5216026368
Created by Unknown