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I Need Support Right Now, Derp

all that racket facebook girls poker face Rage Comics - 6230425856
By thecrowlol

It's Why I Never Smell Anything!

amazing boys girls Rage Comics vomit - 4699778816
Via indiz.tumblr.com

Idiot Boys

boys fap girls Rage Comics sexting sexy times - 6158436096
By Unknown

It Means I'm Ashamed of the Guy I'm Seeing

dating girls Jackie Chan Rage Comics relationships wtf - 6083856384
By Solomonji808

All the Good Ones Are Taken or Gay

flirting forever alone gaming girls lesbian poker face Rage Comics - 5017045760
By Unknown

Excuse me, I've got some business to attend to!

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By SpartanGinger13

Friend Zone Fred

best of week forever alone friend zone girls Rage Comics - 5684717824
By Unknown

Nailed It!

girls omg relationships - 8099963136
By Brobotic

You Crazy Girl

girls love no Rage Comics - 6033184512
By scooby_jrdn

No Way I'm Going to My Ten Year Reunion

girls graduation - 6268220160
By fallman

Why Do You Think I'm Wearing This Ridiculous Skirt

girls i lied me gusta Rage Comics - 4974779648
By Unknown

OMG Don't Flirt With Me, But Do You Think I'm Pretty?

girls Rage Comics raisin rage relationships wtf - 5953380096
By Unknown

Fever Smells Delish!

avalanche deodorant fever girls Rage Comics - 4750606848
By Unknown

The Other Five Second Rule

chatting computers girls no Rage Comics wtf - 6074724352
By Unknown
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