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Me Gusta...che

girls hair me gusta mustache Rage Comics - 4777520384
Created by santiagoqueiroz

Working Your Lady Hamstrings?

girls masturbation pr0n Rage Comics - 4777573376
Created by Deyturkmahjerb

Ladies, You Nasty

bathroom girls gross Rage Comics - 5281700864

You Will Suffer

girls i lied Rage Comics weird - 4839115520
Via I Raff I Ruse

The One Time We're Practical

shoes wtf girls derp - 6699949312
Created by acbrandt

We Have to Hang Out With Her to Make Fun of Her

boys friends girls Rage Comics - 6372463104
Created by TheUltimateBadass

It's Like Limited Edition Dr. Pepper

girls Music Rage Comics stupid the Beatles - 6305297664

The Woes of Layered Hair

hair girls fu guy - 6718126336
Created by Unknown


boys girls rain - 8232824832
Created by Derpice

Aaaaaaand Dreams Shattered!

trolling girlfriend girls texting dating - 7579452928

Girls These Days

girls wtf - 6694822912
Created by Breanna

Should Have Seen That Coming

bathroom embarassing girls guys Rage Comics Sad zipper - 6181341952

Girls are all the Rage...Comics

gender girl comics girls Rage Comics - 6469506048
Created by KillerOfCereal

Aaaand I'm Confused

socially awkward penguin do you even lift i aint even mad relationships girls funny - 7456045568

It Means I'm Ashamed of the Guy I'm Seeing

dating girls Jackie Chan Rage Comics relationships wtf - 6083856384
Created by Solomonji808

It's Why I Never Smell Anything!

amazing boys girls Rage Comics vomit - 4699778816
Via indiz.tumblr.com