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Every Time!

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Created by freshbru

*le peeks*

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Created by Falanca

Seriously, What Is That Smell?

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Created by slglorioso

Girls These Days

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Created by Unknown

College Rules

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Created by Unknown

Idiot Boys

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Created by Unknown

The Other Five Second Rule

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Created by Unknown

Oh Yeah, That's Gonna Help You Pick Up Chicks

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Created by hagal

The Emperor Strikes Back, Right?

darth vader girls Rage Comics - 6295868928
Created by majkl

You Will Suffer

girls i lied Rage Comics weird - 4839115520
Via I Raff I Ruse

Just Buy It!

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Created by Unknown

And She Didn't Say Goodbye...

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Created by Michiell_Lathouwers

Help Me Finish

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Created by Unknown

Nailed It!

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Created by Brobotic

Not All the Fish Are Worthy

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Created by imhilarious

Excuse me, I've got some business to attend to!

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Created by SpartanGinger13