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All it Takes Is One Time

funny five nights at freddy's - 8479414784
Created by brutus430

An Avalanche of Pens

are you kidding me pens aww yeah funny - 7492645376

Wake Up Surprise

phones charger battery funny - 7536679424
Created by Master20021

Elevator Sorcery

elevators mother of god funny - 7460966400
Created by SultanofSchadenfreude

They Don't Know That They're Dead Already

taken school liam neeson funny truancy story - 7467633408


video games funny parents - 8300213248
Created by SuperChez

Twitter, Y U No Wait for Me?

shoes twitter funny - 7495441920

Oh Crap!

pigeon pooping funny - 7529959936

Chrome, Y U No Want My Delicious Cookies?

okay guy google chrome cookies Okay funny - 6136970240

Hey! I Saw That!

lighter cigarettes smoking funny - 7459165440

In School, Sometimes It Helps to Go Against the Grain

math class teacher sir funny everything went better than expected truancy story - 7444023808

That Magic Piece of Plastic

credit cards if you know what i mean funny - 7512177152
Created by Stacychan

Cheap Visual Effects

pencil class school me gusta funny truancy story - 6136136448
Created by Darrylx3

MMM... Pizza

pizza funny - 7546707200
Created by person4257

Never Open Your Eyes

scary shower shampoo funny - 8469765632

Facebook Friends Have No Etiquette

facebook chat forever alone facebook friends friends facebook funny - 7469528320
Created by djdusty