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U Mad, Wife?

marriage wife relationships husband funny dating - 7510162432


trolling swimming pool funny - 7533769984

It's in the Middle of the Hallway Too

procrastination true story laziness funny - 7429855488
Created by edropus

There's Always That Guy

credit card debit card paying funny check - 7447227392

Really, Girl? Really?

milk water juice funny - 7465783040
Created by Unknown

Toilet Germs

washing hands germs bathroom toilet funny - 7018822400
Created by kevbev321

Video Game Industry Logic

Music piracy movies PlayStation 4 books video games funny xbox one - 7511060224

Let's Skip to the Important Part

homework school oh god why funny truancy story - 7535005696

Banking 101

idiots funny - 8466748160
Created by Unknown

A Sadly True Story

drunk gentlemen wine sir funny - 7504589824

Joker Loved Kool-Aid

kool aid batman funny - 8479427840

They're in the Shower...

Home Alone poker face funny - 7329170176

"What's This Button Do?"

games computer games video games funny - 7533550336

The Little Desktop That Could

computers me gusta charger battery life funny - 7489970432
Created by Regrubezeehc

Sleeping With a Cold Sucks

stuffy nose flu fever cold sleeping funny - 7485721600
Via xxunderdog99

Sorry About This...

sorry Okay funny - 6155559168