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Mr. Goodbar Will Always Love Me

forever alone friends movies Rage Comics - 6478526464
By Unknown

The Elusive 1%

studying school tests friends - 8464532480
By gravedigga63

Do Invisible Friends Count?

trolling friends fight - 8463804928
By Praveen.S.Rox

Oh, Facebook Users...

friends facebook bad poker face - 8438052352
By RedAppleJp

What About What I Want to Do?!

friends Okay Rage Comics scumbag hat - 5840700672
By Unknown

Some Friends

friends trolling trollface - 8266268672
By Unknown

Old Friends

Close Enough friends names - 8366254592
By Unknown

My Friends Are Jerks

friends jerk zipper - 8378027008
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

Gaming With a Friend!

gaming friends sweet jesus - 8122505728
By SandvichTony

It happens to everyone, does it?

friends Rage Comics raisin rage video games - 6479922432
By uglybob44

"He's Not Waving Back..."

strangers Awkward friends poker face - 7495240448
Via oneplus1equals

Lass Herpina Has Fled!

Pokémon friends - 7565009920
By Unknown

We're Friends, But Not GOOD Friends

friends no vending machine - 8163909376
By Unknown

"Just a Bite" Rage

hot dog rage friends - 8275967488
By Joonas

They're All the Same, Just Take One!

chips sharing friends - 6541768704
By Unknown

I'm Working On It, Man!

dating friends poker face Rage Comics raisins rage - 5604970496
By Unknown