Rage Comics


True Story :(

forever alone computer soon texts friends - 6827673088
Created by Unknown

They're Called Glasses, Moron

glasses friends - 8148967168
Created by gravedigga63

I Meant Bowser!

friends bowser test luigi video games mario - 6829028608
Created by Pokedude907 ( Via Rage Comix )

Playing Hooky Again?!

friends lol face Rage Comics sick - 5999642112
Created by Unknown

They're in There For a Reason...

games facepalm friends - 8436420352
Created by gravedigga63

I'm Working On It, Man!

dating friends poker face Rage Comics raisins rage - 5604970496
Created by Unknown

I Hate This Guy!

elementary school friends - 7862956032
Created by Unknown

Do Invisible Friends Count?

trolling friends fight - 8463804928
Created by Praveen.S.Rox

Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me, Guess I'll Go Online

friends Rage Comics socially awkward penguin yo dawg - 5560754432
Created by Unknown

Can't You Laugh When I'm TRYING to Be Funny?

friends jokes laughing - 8434459392
Created by Unknown

Friendly Phones

forever alone alarm friends - 7576523008
Created by PLDaniels92

Steam Awkardness

bad poker face computer guy friends steam - 8018796288
Created by groovylobster


like friends facebook - 6710753024
Created by Unknown

Your Friends Know Before You Do

friends crush - 8356352512
Created by Oscaror

Classic: Derp, Get Me Another Beer!

are you kidding me friends phone Rage Comics - 6133293824
Created by Unknown

What if That Loser Sits With Me Tomorrow?

computers facebook friends Rage Comics - 6368914432
Created by rockyroo
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