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Thanks, Abstinence Only Education

dumb pregnancy Rage Comics sex ed - 5574039296
Created by itroitnyah

Then Why is It so Squishy Around You?

are you kidding me boners derp dumb Rage Comics - 6332094208
Created by Saberman92

Calm Down, Call Herp Back

dumb phone Rage Comics so close - 5208607744
Created by mattheeeww

Piss Off

best of week driving drunk dumb FAIL Rage Comics - 5094990336
Via I Raff I Ruse

Sure Gives Me a Big Smile

blonde dumb Rage Comics raisins text wtf - 4927038464
Created by YukiChann

The Problem Exists Between the Steering Wheel and the Seat

driving dumb Rage Comics - 6413899520
Created by NintendoLemonZ

I'm Not Sure They Know the Meaning of the Word

dumb jersey shore Rage Comics - 5068540416
Created by Unknown

But Then Everything Would Look Like...Real Life

blonde dumb Rage Comics wtf - 4966313472
Created by ZiiBruh

I Don't Think That Was Me

dumb friends Rage Comics time travel - 5427867392
Created by Unknown

Maybe You Took It With You

best of week dumb mom phone Rage Comics - 5213479936
Created by neon471

Spread Em

dumb Rage Comics wtf - 5267740928
Created by Unknown

There's Norway She Could Be Serious?!

dumb movies Rage Comics Thor - 4791955968
Created by Unknown

Stupid Facebook Games!

games rage guy Farmville notifications facebook dumb FUUUUU - 6659059712
Created by Sixty7

Carry On Then!

dumb questions Rage Comics you dont say - 6189928704
Created by Amy179

Congrats, Bro

blank dumb lazy Rage Comics - 6350398976
Created by Marhi4890

These Are Not Dual Screens

computers derp dumb Rage Comics wtf jackie - 5144820736
Created by Unknown