Rage Comics


How Do You Even Have Your License?

dumb gas gas prices Rage Comics sir wtf - 5023881216
Created by Unknown

People aRAMpossible!

computers dumb Rage Comics true story - 5839313408
Created by birdman17

Nice Dongle, Bro

dumb Rage Comics technologically impaired USB wifi - 5586982144
Created by Unknown

No, But You Should

breathing dumb girlfriend Rage Comics space - 5244677888
Created by Unknown

The Iron In Your Blood Is About to Be All Over This Faucet

dumb Rage Comics wtf - 5260944640
Created by Unknown

One I Can Zip Up

condoms dumb Rage Comics wtf - 5252569856
Created by bluespyguy85

You Can Also Send Messages and Make Calls!

dumb iphone ipod Rage Comics - 5575446784
Created by Espafa

The Bubbling Is Their Little Screams

dumb FAIL ice cream Rage Comics wtf - 5020169472
Created by Unknown

I Must Have Left It Next to My Face

dumb FAIL lost phone Rage Comics - 4839206400
Created by Unknown

I'm Injured, I Can't Take the Exam

dumb poker face Rage Comics truancy story - 5949386496
Created by Gesundheit

It's Facebook Time!

derp dumb - 6616571136
Created by jtcaseley1

Gee, I Wonder Why!

dumb peanut butter peanuts Rage Comics - 5181435392
Created by Christinies

Was There Snow or Teddy Bears?

dumb Rage Comics star wars wtf - 5591047936
Created by jaddysmazing

Niether are Penguins

birds chicken dumb Rage Comics truancy story - 6328142080
Created by blahbluenx

The Study of Organized Idiots

anthropology college dumb Rage Comics - 5435431936
Created by Unknown

You Don't Deserve a Free Laptop

annoying orange computers dumb Rage Comics - 5868373248
Created by Unknown