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dads waiting moms - 7969152000
By DerpityNerpDerp

No Need to Worry, Dad...

forever alone dads sir - 7847311616
By Unknown

Nineties Problems

crushes dads nothing to do here phones - 7934968064
By Yourfavoritelolcat

So Much For What I Dreamed it Would Be as a Kid...

dads kids expectation vs. reality parenting - 8033188864
By tentoes2

Trolling Dad

dads parenting - 7186462976
By Unknown

Whenever I Go Downstairs

dads brothers nothing to do here - 7944660736
By shoopdawoop_2000

Why, Dad, Why?

homework dads - 7816512512
By Kit_and_Caboodle

My Dad is Awesome

dads parenting - 6539930112
By Unknown

Never Try This

dads school parenting son truancy story - 7665172480
By BestMarioBuds

Dog Logic

dogs dads no - 7952187136
By Unknown

Dammit, Dad!

dads shower funny showering - 7535232256
By xlr8down

Parental Bitstripping

dads birthdays facebook bitstrips - 7900562688
By Jakemeister18

I've Got Life Figured Out

cereal guy dads life jobs parenting grades advice - 7634409728
By Unknown

My First Rage Memory

dads bullies brothers - 7938182912
By death_by_rage
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