Rage Comics


Nineties Problems

crushes dads nothing to do here phones - 7934968064
By Yourfavoritelolcat

"Snow Of The Sun"

dads snow parenting prank - 7077689344
By freshbru

Well, Time to Study...

rage dads video games - 8002773248
By lolligagginperson

Apparently Dads Are Immune

dads slenderman - 6539152128
By Unknown

I've Got Life Figured Out

cereal guy dads life jobs parenting grades advice - 7634409728
By Unknown

Dating Through the Eyes of Dad

dads boyfriends girlfriends relationships dating - 7732375040
By Unknown

Dog Logic

dogs dads no - 7952187136
By Unknown

The Origin

dads sex parenting philosophy birds and the bees funny - 7513959168
By Unknown

I Can't Help It

dads christmas music me gusta - 7905164544
By Squidkid915

So Much For What I Dreamed it Would Be as a Kid...

dads kids expectation vs. reality parenting - 8033188864
By tentoes2

The Downside of Having Gamer Parents

dads moms parenting sir video games Okay - 7856540928
By Unknown

The Three Types of Sneezes

dads sneezes - 8021015040
By Yourfavoritelolcat

No Need to Worry, Dad...

forever alone dads sir - 7847311616
By Unknown

My First Rage Memory

dads bullies brothers - 7938182912
By death_by_rage

No, Son...

bad poker face dads kids Okay vending machines public bathrooms - 7966470400
By greenguy32

Whenever I Go Downstairs

dads brothers nothing to do here - 7944660736
By shoopdawoop_2000
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