Rage Comics


Blue Screen of 'Oh God I'm Screwed'

computers Rage Comics yao ming - 5870969344
By paco1200

These Are Not Dual Screens

computers derp dumb Rage Comics wtf jackie - 5144820736
By Unknown

You Don't Deserve a Free Laptop

annoying orange computers dumb Rage Comics - 5868373248
By Unknown

This is How It Starts

raisin horror computers internet explorer - 6665449472
By Unknown


homework rage computers table flipping - 8219042304
By Tr0jAn3ntRy

You Have a Fifty Percent Chance of Getting It Wrong Every Time

computers Rage Comics table flip USB - 6350103040
By gamelord1223

What's the New Year's Equivalent of Bah, Humbug?

computers fireworks new years eve - 7980177152
Via Acid Cow

Vista Isn't Very Good at Documents

are you kidding me computers poker face Rage Comics - 5938782464
By Reanchi

The Other Five Second Rule

chatting computers girls no Rage Comics wtf - 6074724352
By Unknown

Be More Careful, Mom!

computers moms windows rage updates - 7990287360
By Flamecat101

The Love of My Life...

computers forever alone me gusta sweet jesus have mercy - 6599780608
By Unknown

What if That Loser Sits With Me Tomorrow?

computers facebook friends Rage Comics - 6368914432
By rockyroo

I Reset It for Nothing!

Challenge Accepted computers password Rage Comics - 6153999360
By Unknown

Technologically Impaired Troll Mom Strikes Again

computers parenting Rage Comics raisin rage - 6488096000
By Unknown

But Now I Can't See Anything

best of week computers Rage Comics tech support - 5126520832
By thestoryofjohn

Lazy Genius

computers old people Rage Comics - 5953206016
By Unknown
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