Rage Comics


I Guess It's Time for Bed

computers fu guy - 6576318208
By Unknown

Download RAGE!

viruses computers downloads - 6545001984
By xlr8down

I Lied, It's 4:08

computers i lied time - 6218203648
By 4_8_15_16_23_42

Blue Screen of Loneliness

bsod computers forever alone Okay Rage Comics - 6413207040
By rsierra1

There's Booty in That Treasure Chest

computers girlfriend naughty films Rage Comics - 4690892544
By Unknown

Be More Careful, Mom!

computers moms windows rage updates - 7990287360
By Flamecat101

I Never Understood This

computers grandma virus - 7626038528
By nuketimenoob

I Was Never the Same Again

computers kids - 8143770112
By Squidkid915

Technologically Impaired Troll Mom Strikes Again

computers parenting Rage Comics raisin rage - 6488096000
By Unknown

Deciding on a Username

computers username wtf - 6590983424
By Unknown

These Are Not Dual Screens

computers derp dumb Rage Comics wtf jackie - 5144820736
By Unknown

Lazy Genius

computers old people Rage Comics - 5953206016
By Unknown

Every Time!

computers productivity - 7300121856
By Unknown

What Do These Buttons on Top Do Anyway?

are you kidding me computers - 6205933312
By Unknown

What's the New Year's Equivalent of Bah, Humbug?

computers fireworks new years eve - 7980177152
Via Acid Cow

I'm King of the CPUs!

computers - 7395773696
By Unknown