Rage Comics


Tech Support

tech support computer - 6971436800
Created by CM_Cameron

Mac vs PC Reality

rage PC facebook computer mac - 8427531264
Created by Unknown

Wouldn't Want Any Glare on the Screen

computer if you know what i mean Rage Comics - 6202221312
Created by uberpatzer

Must. Touch. Buttons.

computer gameboy power outage Rage Comics technology - 4875642624
Created by KingApple

Why I LOVE Holidays at Home...

Y U NO computer family holidays - 8374723840
Created by Atillion

My Computer Chooses the Best Times to Freeze

browser computer frozen - 7520559616
Created by Unknown

Did I Use Private Browsing?

computer pr0n Rage Comics raisin face - 6103939328
Created by Unknown

Greatest. Feel. Ever.

computer dat feel sweet jesus warm - 8324947200
Created by Unknown

At Least It Wasn't IE

computer fu guy Rage Comics - 6009895680
Created by noooooooo

In My Defense, There Are No More Actual Writing Materials...

school trolling computer Okay - 8428052992
Created by JoeSnake32

Wait Until It Rots

apple computer genius Rage Comics - 5285411072
Created by Unknown

Dual Monitors

Challenge Accepted expectations vs reality computer monitor - 8314539264
Created by Unknown

Last day of Summer

computer forever alone friends summer - 6525092096
Created by Unknown

Never Leave Your Computer Unattended

rage brother password little brother computer - 8259098368
Created by EternalXxXDefrost

Try That Again With Chopsticks

computer feel like a ninja fly Rage Comics - 6368996096
Created by Unknown

That's About All They're Good for Now

computer my mind is full of Rage Comics - 5340024320
Created by BlankBarcode