Rage Comics


Skype Sorta Needs Audio, Dude

computer FAIL skype - 8253494528
Created by KaoticPopTartz

He'll Never Work in the Tech Field

rage computer computer guy - 8119827456
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Not now, I'm busy!

herp derp computer table flipping - 8572254208
Created by Unknown

Re-Raged: Problem Solved

computer faptimes mom Rage Comics - 5246529536
Created by Mr_Bubbles

Formatting: the Best Way to Get Rid of It

computer justin bieber relationships - 6218853120
Created by mastertroller007

Try That Again With Chopsticks

computer feel like a ninja fly Rage Comics - 6368996096
Created by Unknown

Tech Support

tech support computer - 6971436800
Created by CM_Cameron

Nice Going, Brain

computer TV volume - 8204861696
Created by steveburger

Quickly, Turn Off the Monitor!

computer frozen pr0n Rage Comics - 4721735424
Created by Robotzombie13

You're Gonna Need to Come In On Saturday

computer fu guy Rage Comics so close - 5918019072
Created by Unknown

Great Timing, Universe

computer mom timing rage - 8240128512
Created by Unknown

Rain, Rain Stay My Way

computer forever alone Rage Comics weather - 5991743488
Created by Unknown

Help Desk Woes

computer tech support work help desk - 8354139904
Created by Atillion

Starburst Surprise

candy computer - 8560898816
Created by BurpingBaby

Is it Friday Yet?

browser it computer - 8385463808
Created by Atillion

Moms Have the Worst Timing

rage computer mom - 8168804352
Created by lolcatsboss
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