Rage Comics


I Don't Want to Share!

class school sharing tic tacs - 8146552064
Created by Derp1231234

The Hunger Games

class school mother of god hunger games - 6860301568
Created by binkeybutter

If You Believe, You Can Achieve

class Nailed It truancy story - 7484496896
Created by BestMarioBuds

Computer Ninja

class school feel like a ninja computer guy truancy story - 6554765056
Created by Unknown

We've all had that one student in our class

class Staring facepalm talking poker face - 8572588288
Created by clockwise12

Too Much Badassery for Me

class school tests teachers funny exams truancy story - 7510708736
Created by UlisesIkaikaKeetOrcinus26

The Truth About ALL of My Classes

all the guy all the things class college Rage Comics - 5064433920
Created by Unknown

There Are No Questions Because No Attention Was Payed

class school teachers sir truancy story - 7762836992
Created by Unknown

Nobody Foresaw This

class school exams truancy story - 7370602752
Created by Unknown

Don't Sit Next to Her Next Period

class dodgeball gym gym class Rage Comics - 5531003904
Created by OMG-WTF-BBQ

But... But I'm Sneezy Too!

class school hot girls sneezes sneezing truancy story - 7231685632
Created by ericgubblebum

Sword Master

class markers Rage Comics - 4718377472
Created by TheAzianSteeze

I Wikipedia-ed and Everything

class english essay failing Rage Comics - 5128480000
Created by Unknown

So Awkward...

class numb Awkward lol substitute teacher truancy story - 6855749888
Created by nonamehere33

We Were Perfect Little Angels!

class i lied teachers trollface - 7893892352
Created by UndeadSeadragon55

We're Both Pretty Nerdy

class I see what you did there lol ping pong - 8002702080
Created by omgoshacreeper
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