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These Chinese memes and gifs are Tso funny! With enough stereotypes to build a railroad, Chinese brings to mind everything from take-out, to Chairman Mao, and maybe even bat eating. If your looking for the place to help you to become proficient in 8000 Mandarin characters, try a school.

Doesn't Matter, Still Delicious

california chinese fortune cookies Rage Comics - 5189361408
By Unknown

So Greasy, So Great

chinese food Rage Comics takeout taste - 5094485504
By Unknown

Language Barriers

english language Okay chinese - 8370941696
By Unknown

I Made Her Feel Bad...

chinese food idiot rice - 4690547968
By doodlekitty

Not All the Same, Sistah

asian chinese racism Rage Comics - 5304368896
By MoosesH

Maybe She Means Wonton?

chinese chips eating food hungry Rage Comics women - 5012860928
By Le-wis