These Chinese memes and gifs are Tso funny! With enough stereotypes to build a railroad, Chinese brings to mind everything from take-out, to Chairman Mao, and maybe even bat eating. If your looking for the place to help you to become proficient in 8000 Mandarin characters, try a school.

That's Au Jus the Way I Like it!

chinese food homophone Lame Pun Coon literalism restaurant similar sounding so - 5644385536
Created by plasticFroggy

Fine Chinese in the Federation

chinese food jean-luc picard puns Star Trek TNG - 3945880320


chicken chinese double meaning food Hall of Fame homophone jean-luc picard literalism noms picard so Star Trek type - 5099351296

Learn Chinese!

english chinese - 7387490048

Word Choice... WORD CHOICE!

misinterpretation food double meaning microwave chinese - 7000032000
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