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No one expected me to enter the cereal bowl eating contest, but not to worry, I have a few Trix up my sleeves.

I Love the Crunch of Oat Clusters In the Morning

cereal milk Rage Comics watch out guys - 5468045312
Created by Kill2die

The Lucky Charms Song Does Not Include What Most of Lucky Charms Are

cereal lucky charms - 8181184000
Created by tentoes2

I Guess I Could Just Pick the Marshmallows Out

cereal forever alone milk Rage Comics - 6070807552
Created by Unknown

It'll Hold Milk

cereal Close Enough dishes Rage Comics - 5281537024
Created by alyj1987

It's Like Angel Dust

cereal lucky charms noms Rage Comics - 4847989760

Make Work With the Milk

breakfast Challenge Accepted milk cereal - 7266666240
Created by Unknown

Sweet Chocolate Dust Have Mercy

cereal me gusta Rage Comics smell sweet jesus have mercy - 5582575360
Created by Unknown

Cereal Milk is the Best

milk sweet jesus cereal - 8265305344
Created by Toms002

Cereal Dust

cereal lucky charms rage - 8007595520
Created by death_by_rage

A Delicate Blend

cereal cooking dinner FAIL Rage Comics - 4839103232
Created by Unknown

Suddenly, Derp-o's Everywhere

cereal fu guy noms Rage Comics rip - 6120518400
Via xoltage

Morning Smarts

breakfast morning cereal waking up - 7246047488
Created by Unknown

An Amazing Late Night Snack

cereal food late night oh god Rage Comics snack - 5757298688
Created by _Emmy_

Don't Make Me Get a Fork

cereal Rage Comics troll - 5586124544
Created by Unknown

I Might Be a Cannibal

cereal Rage Comics raisin face - 6294812672
Created by ncampbell20


cereal monster Music Rage Comics - 4791791616
Created by Unknown