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No one expected me to enter the cereal bowl eating contest, but not to worry, I have a few Trix up my sleeves.

I Was a Stupid Kid...

cereal lucky charms true story - 6608049920
Created by Moosemaster1

Morning Smarts

breakfast morning cereal waking up - 7246047488

Morning Blues

scumbag brain cereal waking up - 7134676224
Created by ShyAway

Fruity Cereal Epic

cereal expectations vs reality me gusta rainbow - 8263375616
Created by rockergurl666

Just Eat the Damn Cereal

all that racket cereal parenting Rage Comics - 6208407296
Created by Viper-commander

Candy Mountain!

cereal me gusta Rage Comics - 4770904320

I Guess I Could Just Pick the Marshmallows Out

cereal forever alone milk Rage Comics - 6070807552

Why Didn't You Take the Cereal Instead!

forever alone milk cereal fu guy - 6767147776
Created by knutshot

Thirty Second Meals

Challenge Accepted dinner cereal - 6532011008

Totally Worth It

cereal mouth pain Rage Comics sweet jesus - 4846433280

The Lucky Charms Song Does Not Include What Most of Lucky Charms Are

cereal lucky charms - 8181184000
Created by tentoes2

I'll Provide the Milk

cereal chex noms Rage Comics we should probably - 5181255936

A Delicate Blend

cereal cooking dinner FAIL Rage Comics - 4839103232

Cereal Milk is the Best

milk sweet jesus cereal - 8265305344
Created by Toms002

A Balanced Breakfast is Overrated

all the things cereal none of the things Rage Comics - 6471040768
Created by slurpee3113

I Guess I'll Wait Until Lunch

breakfast milk lunch Okay cereal - 6947931648
Created by Viper-commander