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My Other Classes Are More Interesting

best of week fu guy no Rage Comics truancy story - 5887917824
Created by Unknown

No, That's Not What I Wanted at All

best of week fu gal Rage Comics that sounds naughty troll dad - 6328289536
Created by VintageTopHat

Butter 4 Lyfe

all the things best of week butter Rage Comics - 5274147584
Created by Unknown

My Life Revolves Around This Bed

bed best of week Rage Comics sleep - 5206024192
Created by Unknown

Why Can't I Hold All This Money?

aw yeah best of week Okay Rage Comics single Valentines day - 5828657408
Created by Silk_Sk

Rage Comics: So Much for Stealth

best of week computer loud Rage Comics - 5554529280
Created by Femista

And Thank You

best of week dogs Rage Comics - 5969407232
Created by Unknown

Thanks, Rambo!

all that racket best of week Rage Comics wife - 5797460480
Created by doddy2k ( Via imgur.com )

The Idiot Box

best of week dumb Rage Comics TV - 5267628288
Created by Unknown

Sleep Is for Those Without the Internet

awake best of week naps Rage Comics sleeping - 5199529216
Created by Unknown

I Swear It Didn't Work a Minute Ago

best of week Rage Comics USB wtf - 5152519168
Via EPICPonyz

Regret ALL the Decisions

alcohol all the things best of week drinking Rage Comics - 5898453248
Created by Unknown

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

apple best of week doctor who never again Rage Comics - 5582499328
Created by Unknown

Oh, I Celebrate Treemas

best of week christmas christmas tree happy holidays holidays Rage Comics - 5496252416
Created by Unknown

Black Magic Woman

best of week bra Rage Comics sexytimes women - 5199162624
Created by herpnderp

You Were Gonna Break Up Anyway

best of week Challenge Accepted couple Rage Comics - 5274206976
Created by Unknown