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Not Permanently!

Awkward best of week faptimes Rage Comics - 5251333632
Created by nichiiee.x

Easy on the Science Jokes, Nerds

best of week lol pfftch Rage Comics science - 5764573696
Created by Unknown

One Does Not Simply Feed One Bird

best of week cuteness overload Rage Comics - 6343934720
Created by Unknown

Okay, Right After the Song

best of week justin bieber Rage Comics - 5872852224
Created by IAmTheSohaib007

Why Can't I Hold All This Money?

aw yeah best of week Okay Rage Comics single Valentines day - 5828657408
Created by Silk_Sk

Ulterior What?

best of week honor i lied Rage Comics sexytimes - 5388785152
Created by sinfulfuzzball

Into the Cold, Nerd!

best of week fus ro dah questions Rage Comics Skyrim - 5482081280
Created by Unknown

Their English Sounds Funny

best of week english language picard facepalm Rage Comics - 5783781120
Created by Unknown

I'm a Monster

best of week butterflies Rage Comics Skyrim wings - 5428389120
Created by Unknown

Bounce ALL the Balls

arcade best of week mom prizes Rage Comics - 5144735232
Via I Raff I Ruse

Stand Together!

best of week derp Rage Comics teams video games - 5658600704
Created by Unknown

Like Father, Like Son

best of week Father Rage Comics son that sounds naughty - 5195951872
Created by Unknown

Sleep Is for Those Without the Internet

awake best of week naps Rage Comics sleeping - 5199529216
Created by Unknown

RIP Written Word

best of week Rage Comics twitter - 5799275264
Created by pickle900

I Never Should Have Left You

best of week college graduation Rage Comics real life - 5152405504
Created by Unknown

I Just Have to Draw Some Stuff

art best of week college finals Rage Comics - 5552129536
Created by Lianaza
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