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For Texture

best of week cooking noms Rage Comics - 5127000576
Created by Davero

I Suppose I Could Use Them as Toilet Paper

best of week Rage Comics raisin rage textbooks truancy story true story - 5966937600
Created by hockeyrokcer

My Life Revolves Around This Bed

bed best of week Rage Comics sleep - 5206024192
Created by Unknown

Whisper ALL the Time

all the guy all the things best of week library Rage Comics Sad - 5138267904
Created by GetaGrip2016

For Grandma, From All of Us

Awkward best of week Rage Comics - 5410047232
Created by Tengou ( Via cheezburger.com )

One Does Not Simply Feed One Bird

best of week cuteness overload Rage Comics - 6343934720
Created by Unknown

He Has a Big Head and Little Arms, If You Know What I Mean

best of week dinosaurs faptimes Rage Comics spiderpman t rex - 6273563648
Created by Unknown

There's Something Wrong NOW

best of week mad Rage Comics raisin rage relationships - 5807151616
Created by Unknown

We're Clearly of the Same Mind

best of week hot girl pick-up lines Rage Comics sexytimes - 5149186048
Created by Unknown

Whatcha Doin In There?

best of week me gusta Rage Comics what - 5161702656
Created by Unknown

Curse You, Lead Thumb

best of week Rage Comics tetris video game - 5576081152
Created by Unknown

Piss Off

best of week driving drunk dumb FAIL Rage Comics - 5094990336
Via I Raff I Ruse

Want Some Road Rage?

best of week driving Rage Comics traffic troll - 5963470080
Created by Unknown

You Could Use the Exercise

best of week elevator Rage Comics raisin rage stairs - 5812441088
Created by Unknown

It's All Downhill From Here

aging best of week forever alone Rage Comics - 5292277760
Created by Kateydoo76

Google Is Not Your Girlfriend

best of week Okay Rage Comics sandwich - 5390926848
Created by karrie70298
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