Rage Comics


Patchbeard the Pirate

beard hair Okay Rage Comics Sad - 5291356160
Created by daficko

And I Thought Your Litter Box Smelled Bad

best of week butt kitty Sad - 5562306560
Created by Pinkcheeks

Face Pubes for the Win

beard Okay Rage Comics Sad - 5834860800
Created by Rubin

That's My Photo Album All Right

Sad Okay - 6975486208
Created by dragard

So My Mutant Power is a Weak Heart?

Rage Comics Sad - 6120439552
Via Pharmgeek

And You Were Driving in Reverse

fu gal lol Mario Kart me gusta Rage Comics Sad - 4918183168
Created by Ezzie

He Will Always Be Remembered

horse Rage Comics Sad Skyrim - 5697764096
Created by Soggypenguin

Are You Telling Me This Isn't a Comedy?

Sad seriously oh god why - 6688479488
Created by Unknown

Classic: Always Turning, Never Learning

Rage Comics Sad - 4802385152
Via dailylolpic.tumblr.com

He Forgot Me a Long, Long Time Ago

futurama Rage Comics Sad - 5531274240
Created by ninteundo

It Wasn't a Wrong Number, It Was FATE

dating poker face Rage Comics relationships Sad wrong number - 6029410048
Created by Sensualeyes

I Guess I'll Walk Home

cat cute Rage Comics Sad - 5118080256
Created by Unknown

At Least You Spend Sunday In the Dark

computers forever alone Rage Comics Sad weekend working - 5012771072
Created by Unknown

Like a Slowly Bleeding Out Boss

catch cut knife ninja ouch Rage Comics Sad - 5064687360
Via I Raff I Ruse

If I Fits, I Sits

Sad dogs cute Okay - 6773514240
Created by Unknown

Baby Come Back and Hold Me

cry movies Rage Comics Sad - 5177565184
Created by Unknown