Rage Comics


Only Fooling Myself

dating i lied Rage Comics Sad strawberry guy - 5233888512
By Mr.ShinyObject

No One Will Give You Presents, Either

facebook happy birthday lol guy Rage Comics Sad - 5065688576
By MDrigz

I'll Call Him Margaret

goldfish pet Rage Comics Sad - 5438206720
By Unknown

Didn't Give You My Meatball Yet

couple lunch Rage Comics Sad - 6158407168
By Unknown

Re-Raged: I'll Only Use Melee Weapons!

Rage Comics Sad video games - 5441087744
By Unknown

The Trauma!

gifs Rage Comics Sad the lion king - 5281997824
By Unknown

All My Dreams Just Melted Away...

ice cream truck Sad ice cream - 8266444032
By Unknown

Like a Slowly Bleeding Out Boss

catch cut knife ninja ouch Rage Comics Sad - 5064687360
Via I Raff I Ruse

The 90's Are ALL THAT!

childhood nickelodeon Rage Comics Sad - 4994689024
By Unknown

He Died for Your Pain

bee dead Rage Comics Sad - 5229677824
By JeffBurandt

I Mean I Guess It Died

cell phone forever alone Rage Comics Sad - 5256063744
By Unknown

I Can't Stop Smiling

hospital Sad - 4899779584
By Unknown

We Could Have Been Great

facebook faptimes Rage Comics Sad - 5117507328
By Unknown

This Isn't Beauty School

acne forever alone Rage Comics Sad - 6450932992
By Unknown

No Mess, Eh?

FAIL ketchup Sad - 4970047488
By Braveheartbob

Sad Songs

Sad Music mother of god - 6757560832
By hantiger