Rage Comics


Classic: Thought I Was Rich

money Rage Comics Sad troll - 5276667904
Created by Johan

When You Get Over Her, You'll Always Have the Upper Hand

Awkward happy Rage Comics Sad - 5303201536
Created by Nick.gr

Everything is Metal Forever

braces eating Rage Comics raisin rage Sad - 6095336448
Created by Unknown

I'm Ruined for the Rest of the Week

life Rage Comics Sad - 5098506496
Created by Unknown

Sad Songs

Sad Music mother of god - 6757560832
Created by hantiger

Hung Out With My Buddies

forever alone Rage Comics Sad weekend - 5215992832
Created by 1mad9026

That Sexy, Rain-Drenched Look

forever alone Rage Comics Sad shower - 5072930304
Created by Unknown

I've Watched Them So Many Times

breakup faptimes Rage Comics Sad - 4871458816
Created by Unknown


Sad Cats - 8030765824
Created by dave85542

Like Two Memes In a Pod

Close Enough Rage Comics Sad socially awkward penguin - 5467307264
Created by Unknown

No One Will Give You Presents, Either

facebook happy birthday lol guy Rage Comics Sad - 5065688576
Created by MDrigz

Now Kiss

forever alone jokes Rage Comics Sad - 6407002368
Created by NotoriousRaven.402

Filet of Magikarp

food Pokémon Rage Comics Sad - 5373750784
Created by yourmomtruly


paper Rage Comics Sad test true story - 4754860288
Created by -TonyS-

Take That, Losers

Sad neighbors hotel funeral - 7604749568
Via 1234ape

I Didn't Even Bother Turning It On

cell phone forever alone movies phone Rage Comics Sad - 5068724480
Created by Unknown