SMP CLASSIC-ish: Crumb for Me, Baby!

bread classic Hall of Fame lolwut sex similar sounding weird - 6215550208
Created by chrispogi220
strange and stupid things people posted for sale online | Peloton Bike $2,499 stationary bike with a tv screen taped to it | Thor's Hammer $8,000,000 weight with a handle

Weird and Ridiculous Junk People Tried Selling Online

One man's trash is another man's garbage.
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Wat, Indeed

Hall of Fame homophone internet lingo watt weird wtf - 6469856512
Created by Cyberdude


candy hasidic jews weird - 4189195520
Created by Unknown


brand eye ipod pod weird - 4176353792
Created by LOLFOOD

Talk About a Groaner...

cell double meaning dream shortening slang weird - 6511265792
Via Not the Worst Comic


homophones pr0n similar sounding weird - 4304656384
Created by Unknown

Baby Got Back

baby back double meaning literalism weird - 6673053696
Created by Ginctm
confusing double meaning ex literalism lolwut Video weird x - 26971905

Talking to Exes...

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Bro-ba Fett

boba fett bro creepy Hall of Fame literalism prefix similar sounding star wars weird - 5806174720
Via Completely Serious Comics


children creepy double meaning literalism sign watch watching weird - 6632324608
Created by xyzpdq1

Well, Do You Have the Dough?

card cookies dont donut similar sounding weird - 6262981888
Created by Jenny ( Via Chasing Fabrics )
Funny and interesting English language moments | ace-nyctophyle any noun can become verb if don't care enough yupokaysuremhm This point is invalid unless use an example sentence ace-nyctophyle CAN SENTENCE WANT THANK yupokaysuremhm BEAUTIFUL mysterytinyfox see thats why love english ailithnight like velociraptor around my house at 2 morning. ace-nyctophyle GOOD not--be--tea-but-brit My headache makes want clothesline into wall enquires-state-building why do these make some semblance sense 9

Fun and Frustration with The English Language

It's a weird language.
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funny and sad tinder moments

19 Funny and Sad Moments from the Wild World of Tinder

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restaurant song story variations on a theme Video weird - 41595137

'I Lobster But Never Flounder.'

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I Want to Pound Your Colon

britain double meaning literalism threat weird wtf - 4706690560
Created by Unknown
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