text message

That's not my text message, is it? No, I couldn't have sent that?! You've definitely found yourself asking how something like that could have possibly come from your minuscule digital keyboard, but there it is, for all eternity. Check out some of the most hilarious text messages ever sent, and feel a little better about your own gaffs.

Sea You Soon!

beach conversation iphone ocean similar sounding text text message water - 5759699712
Created by rachel

The Perfect Place to Go For All Your Blue-Footed Booby Needs

birds double meaning groan-inducing Hall of Fame similar sounding text message texting - 5665478400
Created by Unknown


awful cell phone chamillionaire daisy Hall of Fame hating homophone iphone phone riding dirty rolling text message texting - 5423460352
Created by Unknown


brand double meaning juice literalism misinterpretation text message texting - 5591041536
Created by Unknown

You Can't Deany His Penchant for Puns

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Via Punblr