Art of Trolling

text message

That's not my text message, is it? No, I couldn't have sent that?! You've definitely found yourself asking how something like that could have possibly come from your minuscule digital keyboard, but there it is, for all eternity. Check out some of the most hilarious text messages ever sent, and feel a little better about your own gaffs.

The Rare Toilet Whale

gross IRL poop text message whale - 6000424960
By Unknown

But You Feel Great Inside Me

best of week text message - 5327005184
By PD2000
Funny text message conversation between a boss and an employee | dont even know Fine then prove this isn't Alex Send selfie. Excuse Im not sending anything Just do Oh my god know this is

Boss Trolled For Trying To Make Employee Work On Day Off

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Did You Fail Marine Biology?

dumb text message whale - 5213168640
By Alexwin
scientology trolling

Scientologist Gets Trolled HARD After Texting The Wrong Number

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That's No Whale

iphone text message whale - 5467895296
By silverpaw84

My IRL Troll Dad

text message IRL troll dad fathers day - 6882942976
By freshbru

In Her Defense, They Did Remove It From the Dictionary

gullible oranges text message - 5323900928
By Unknown

Classic: I Also Went to PG-13 Movies Without My Parents

best of week disney internet text message watch out guys - 5467946496
By brunaldo
troll plays dude legendary

Thirsty Dude Goes Nuts After Getting Played By Legendary Troll

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Can't Tell If Innuendo or Really Great Promotion

all the things sms text message - 5951003904
By Soulblighter77

I Think I Can Make Out a...Nope, Nothing

dark text message - 5869518336
By Unknown

Can I Get You a Tissue?

faptimes text message that looks naughty - 5902383872
By reebokgil

Public Mockery It Is

text message - 5751273216
By gg02