Why Play Whack-a-Mole When You Can Try its Strict Upgrade Instead?

similar sounding suffix - 7138208512
Via Reddit

Which Would You ASSign to Yourself?

ass donkey double meaning dumb Hall of Fame insults KISS lazy literalism smart suffix - 5820992000
Created by chains

He's My Favorite Marvel-Type Pokémon

Exeggutor face literalism Pokémon shoop similar sounding suffix Thor - 6415778048
Created by Unknown

Real Mature, Guys

Harry Potter similar sounding suffix - 6501154560
Via Laila the Sphinx

Friend and Dafoe

friend Hall of Fame homophone literalism suffix surname - 6174942464
Created by Unknown

007 S&M

james bond suffix - 6752369408
Created by wharfstorm ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Seems Pretty Binary to Me

Harry Potter homophone house opposites suffix - 6279066880


bill cosby insensitive lolwut suffix - 5916749312
Via Reddit

Perhaps it Was Just Faul-Tea Design?

variations on a theme tea suffix - 7119194624
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adorable door homophones literalism suffix - 5907783424
Created by lizziepaquette

Illeagel Activities

cyanide and happiness homophone illegal suffix - 6795627008
Via Cyanide & Happiness

Worth It?

double meaning homophone literalism mistake steak suffix worth it - 5656166912
Created by hidanfan ( Via Eddsworld )


homophone literalism potato slang suffix - 5885103616
Created by superpatty

Skrillex Luthor

juxtaposition literalism skrillex suffix superman - 6086964480
Created by Czino


bone Hall of Fame literalism suffix - 6166552576
Via Reddit

We'll Always Have Bonus Stage

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism Movie poster shoop Street fighter suffix - 6004586240
Via Ade Magnaye
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