edgar allen poe juxtaposition malapropism mashup neologism Pokémon prefix suffix surname - 4472304384
By Unknown

Word Choice Matters

batman difference Hall of Fame lady suffix woman word choice - 6427032832
Via Life is Story

The Best Way To Map Popular Music

Chart famous Hall of Fame How To lyrics Music prefix road song Songs suffix train - 4646619904
By tonis

Honk if You're Horny

bull car double meaning homophone literalism suffix - 5615269632
By Craptabulous

Hark! The Herald Angle Sings!

angel typo literalism letter swap triangle suffix - 7120941056
By jagodwin


dice letters literalism spelling suffix - 5305420800

Why Does Snoop Dogg Need Anything?

answer double meaning Hall of Fame literalism question snoop dogg suffix - 4847023872
By xyzpdq1

And the Reframe Saga Reaches a New Cee Lo...

cee lo cee-lo green homophones literalism Reframe shoop silhouette similar sounding suffix - 5682020352
By Unknown

Speaking Words of Wiisdom

album cover let it be literalism mii similar sounding suffix the Beatles wii - 5540393216
By JMJMad1

Natalie Portman

man woman surname opposites suffix - 6855218432
By Unknown

Albus Dumbleroar

dumbledore gifs Hall of Fame Harry Potter literalism similar sounding suffix surname - 5259422976
By Unknown


axe caterpillar literalism poo poodle prefix suffix wall - 4474331648
By Thrashard

Remind Me Never to Eat Molasses Ever Again...

ass double meaning Hall of Fame literalism question suffix - 5406086912
By lizzwilson86

Fresh From the Moment You Take it Out of the Rapper

Hall of Fame homophone suffix - 5741948672
Via Tomorrow Midnight

He's My Favorite Marvel-Type Pokémon

Exeggutor face literalism Pokémon shoop similar sounding suffix Thor - 6415778048
By Faiz Faults

I Ocelove Them Both

lot literalism double meaning suffix little - 6770338304
By Unknown
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