Owl Bee Seeing You

i will Owl similar sounding literalism coffee shape shoop - 6634354944
By Ginctm

Beware the Pie-Rat!

combination homophone juxtaposition literalism pie Pirate rat shape similar sounding - 5380589824
By BloodMC

Continental Breakfast

breakfast double meaning literalism resemblance shape - 6533010944
Via Reddit

Hand Soap

double meaning hand literalism shape soap - 6542129152

Personally, My Preference is For All Things Kettle American

america american Hall of Fame literalism pan shape - 5963977984
By maxystone

A Spookily Delicious Phenomenon

double meaning ghost literalism prefix shape snack - 6383161600
By Unknown

His Weight Might Prove Tabby a Problem if You Aren't Careful...

cat double meaning fat Hall of Fame literalism orange oranges shape - 5455734272
By Chris10a

The Best Time to Hold 'Em

cards flush Hall of Fame poker shape - 6277300736
By xyzpdq1

It's Most Hipsters' Favorite Shape!

double meaning Hall of Fame misinterpretation shape suffix - 6306386688
By GalderGollum


hand literalism palm Palm Tree shape tree wrong - 4578762240
By SpikeDawg

Eat the Sweets, Tooth!

Hall of Fame lightsaber shape similar sounding - 6456888576
By xyzpdq1
country literalism shape similar sounding Video - 34086657

Well, Kenya?

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double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism shape tree - 6357157376
Via Reddit

The Anatomy of an Atom

literalism mythbusters shape - 5228794368
By Punklooees

They Taste Mathemagical!

literalism math nachos pattern sequence shape similar sounding suffix - 6593853440
Via Tiffany Ford

Just Be Careful You Don't Get iAbetes...

apple burger double meaning Hall of Fame logo mac McDonald's shape - 5420230400
By yederismonline
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