The Least Clever Post in So Much Pun History

Bach lmfao rhyme rhymes rhyming terrible - 6243322112
By bowtiesrcool

The Series is Foal of Whimsy and Excitement!

book Harry Potter jk rowling literalism rhyming series similar sounding title - 4743090688
By Unknown

Here Comes the Bride

life marriage rhyming wife - 6816221952
By WinterLove111

'Laundry Sounds' is My Jam!

beach bleach literalism rhyming similar sounding - 6276596480
Via Gemma Correll


circle crop crop circle game makes sense rhyming video game - 4277356032
By GodsDemonHunter

I Will Possess Your Heart...

drugs lab rhyming song - 5803660544
By butactually

I'd Watch This Movie, Volume XXV

disney literalism pixar rhyme rhyming thug life - 5916782592
Via Reddit


inside literalism no outside rhyming - 4064205056
By FobiaLOL


arrest contraction literalism Music rest rhyming - 4112491008
By Unknown


best ever Hall of Fame name replacement rhyming similar sounding - 5281532928
By Unknown


cycle friedrich nietzsche leek leeks lolwut potato potatoes rhyming similar sounding vicious cycle - 5156995840
By Unknown

And Not a Single Duck Was Given That Day

duck literalism meme rhyming similar sounding upset - 4722758656
By xyzpdq1


chorus computer lock lyric lyrics parody rewrite rhyme rhyming - 4518592512
By Unknown

It's a Fitting Parody, Really

Hall of Fame lyrics parody rhyme rhyming song - 5417728512
By Lafbok (Via Lafbok)

He's Put on a Few Pounds Since Brawl...

attack captain falcon falcon falcon punch Hall of Fame literalism lunch move rhyme rhyming super smash bros - 4727502080
By CoffeeshopFrank (Via www.levelupstudios.com)

He's Been There for Hours and He's Just Bearly Starting to Color

bear literalism lolwut polar polar bear rhyme rhyming similar sounding tanning - 5292841728
By srdjanBL
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