And Not a Single Duck Was Given That Day

duck literalism meme rhyming similar sounding upset - 4722758656
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The Trials and Travails of Kanye West

rhyming surname variations on a theme west kanye west - 6983752448
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famous lots need neo puns quote rhyming the matrix - 4305400320
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True Love is Breakfast

rhyming literalism bacon - 6878211072
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homophone jam lamb literalism Movie parody rhyming spoof trailers Video - 23482625

The Silence of the Jams

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explanation om rhyming ridiculous story - 4076104448
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And Servers Gonna Serve

haters haters gonna hate literalism rhyming wait - 5027874048
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Surprise! They're All Made Using Real Bear!

rhyming bear similar sounding prefix - 6760931328
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cycle friedrich nietzsche leek leeks lolwut potato potatoes rhyming similar sounding vicious cycle - 5156995840
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What is This I Don't Even...

idiom illegal lolwut rhyming - 5450406144
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clothing gangsta pants rhyme rhyming style - 4400509440
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Hall of Fame hypothetical name nicolas cage rhyme rhymes rhyming surname - 4707300608
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Here's the Story of a Lovely Soufflédy

literalism rhyme rhyming similar sounding - 5591031808
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cartoons literalism me gusta rage comic Rage Comics rhyme rhyming similar sounding - 4822610688
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You See, Master Wayne...

burn carl sagan Hall of Fame literalism men quote rhyming similar sounding want watch world - 5854615552
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Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

literalism Movie rhyming similar sounding - 6569971712
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