Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

This Bar is Bare

gifs bears puns funny - 7707159552
Created by Unknown

Give or Take a Few Kilometers

puns funny - 7605101824
Via tumblin-down-the-stairs

Everything is Going Swimmingly

puns fish funny - 7589478912
Via sing and gin

The Bottom One is Cuter

puns funny - 7572271104
Via Niknaks Blog

So Many Puns, So Little Time

camel puns - 7777554688
Created by Unknown

Mommy Issue Jokes Never Get Old

puns mother - 7902182144
Via beeswarm17

Too Cheesy?

adele puns image - 8763310336
Created by tamaleknight

Fettuccine Alfrodo

frodo Lord of the Rings puns funny - 7706930688
Via rodsofmotherfreakingsteel

These Are No Real Estate Padawans

puns - 7900937728


Death puns three - 3753027072
Created by desmoncj

When Life Hands You Lemons... Make Cereal?

Via EveningEarlGrey

Wait I Thought She Was a Wizard

Music gnomes puns - 7878222848
Created by Unknown

Pugs in a Blanket

pug puns - 7716931584
Created by Kyle

From a Bottle of Leninade

soda puns lenin stalin funny - 7583016960
Via modebatty

C'mon Frank, Safety Isn't That Important

fashion animals puns work g rated poorly dressed - 7984437504
Created by Unknown

A Steep In the Right Direction Every Morning

manatee puns tea animals - 7892802048
Created by Jrsbbusa3000 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )
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