Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

What Nerve!

dairy puns headlines funny - 7628464384
Via chloethemac13

Every Bully's Favorite Game

angry birds puns simpsons - 7779324928


list lots puns redundancy redundant - 4532431360

So Many Gnomials

puns math funny - 7533955584
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Eye See What You Did There

puns eyes funny - 7696702720
Created by Dragonite_Rider ( Via t.chzbgr.com )


college puns school - 3805774080
Created by F Yeah Albuquerque

And I'm Always Pushing People's Buttons

puns funny - 7510431744
Via kottoncandymouth

CTRL Yourself - Keyboard Joke

Space is The Final Frontier - Funny meme from a picture of a keyboard with THE FINAL FRONTIER written across the space bar.

Demi is Top of the EKG Charts

Music puns television - 7874061056

I'll Be Here All Week Folks

puns bear image - 8795292672
Via darkninja2992

Hope That Officer Appreciates Puns

puns funny - 7601187584
Created by Aeshel

A Model of the Nickel Atom, or The Nickel-ous Cage

school puns graphs - 7844589056
Via there-will-be-toast

Crime and Pun-ishment!

puns coffee web comics - 8821724160
Via AlexHoffman

Noice Pun

web comics puns drinks Noice Pun
Via extra fabulous

Tis the Season for Scaring Children

funny puns santa claustrophobia
Via rollsoffthetongue

The Han Solo Cup!

star wars puns Han Solo - 8585806848
Created by thehansolocup ( Via Han Solo Cup )
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